Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Your Gift Is For You!

After praying this morning, I began to think of how well the enemy uses "people" in an attempt to stifle our gifts.  You've seen them:  the whisperers, the gossipers, those who envy, the jealous, the judgmental and the know-it-all cliques.  They come in all shapes, sizes and come from different denominations and economic backgrounds.  In other words, they're everywhere!

My job today is to let you know that God has placed something unique and SPECIAL inside of you that "no man" can destroy nor stop.  You don't have to beg for it and you don't have to apologize for possessing it.  It is a gift from God and the Bible teaches us in Romans 11:29:  "For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance."  

Whatever God has called you to do to uplift HIS kingdom, DO IT.  He's already spoken it, so it already is. All you have to do is work it.   It doesn't matter if no one understands.  It doesn't matter if someone becomes angry.  It doesn't even matter if no one seemingly cares or wants to be bothered with you.  God has a way of opening eyes and ears to HIS purpose.  So please don't allow any demonic spirit to hold you back from your blessing.  If they don't receive you or your gift, then keep it moving. 

So how does the enemy cause us to back up on our gifts?  Through the spirit of fear, self-doubt, guilt, self-hatred, mistakes, unforgiveness, comparison and low self esteem - just to name a few.  Remember, the devil is a demon of the mind and if he can get you to doubt yourself and the Word of God, then he knows he's gaining territory.

Take Adam and Eve for example in the Garden of Eden.  God gave them dominion over everything.  He'd already instructed them as to what their purpose was and equipped them with everything they needed, but....

Don't allow the end of your story to be "but" (but I wish I would, could or should have).  Do it and do it well, with a fervent and determined spirit.  What's yours is yours and only YOU can do it.  Eventually, you WILL arrive in the land God has promised you and it will be GOOD!  I'm pretty sure Noah and Abraham would testify to this if they were here.

So get up and go!

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