Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I Offer Praise

Tonight as I sat in my home the following song, "We Offer Praise" by Rodnie Bryant, came to mind.  I've always loved this song since the first time I ever heard it:  

"Oh Lord we give you praise and Oh Lord we bless your name.  And we lift our voices to say "thank you" for your goodness and your mercy towards us.  We offer praise."

Beautiful words aren't they?  There's nothing like feeling appreciated.  So even though physically I feel very tired this evening, tonight I want my savior, Jesus Christ, to know that I appreciate Him, I love Him, I praise Him, I bless His name and I thank Him.  Despite all of my shortcomings, failures and even disappointments, God has remained faithful and because of this, I offer Him my humble praise.  He certainly IS worthy of the praise!!!  Enjoy!

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